2011 Summer Road Trip - Day 33

Monday, June 27, 2011

We headed north today!  We stopped at a rest area as soon as we crossed the Maryland border to hunt for a geocache, but unfortunately there wasn't one there.  We did get to check out their little welcome center, but there wasn't much to see.  We were very impressed by the seaport at Baltimore, though!

The kids at the Maryland visitors center.

Jack is showing off his two new teeth!

The Baltimore seaport.

Showing those teeth again!

We used our trusty Roadside America app again to find a really cool rest area in Delaware.  It was supposed to be the "Rest Stop of the Future".  This is what their website says about it.
The Rest Stop of the Future stands in the median of I-95 at one of its busiest spots (it anticipates 4.5 million visitors a year). Fifty years ago, a Rest Stop of the Future might have had a monorail or at least a life-size holographic greeter (maybe Delaware’s Miles the Monster) but we found that “future” is no longer defined with show-off technology. Instead, Delaware’s Rest Stop touts an “environmentally sensitive and sustainable design” that includes waterless urinals, wood from “renewable forests,” and the fact that most of the old rest stop was ground up and used to build the new rest stop.

We were impressed with the selection of restaurants, and I guess the bathrooms were OK.  We were able to use a family restroom that had a kid sized toilet.  Reese loved that!  There was also a Best Buy vending machine where you could buy things like phones, Nintendo DSi games and all sorts of other electronics.  I'd never seen one of those before. 

We had some lunch at "Famous Famiglia Pizza" (it was just 'OK'), talked to Nana on the phone for a bit, then headed out to try to find a geocache at the rest area.  We found it without too much trouble and were on our way.  

The toll booth line was LONG!
One of the many bridges we crossed.
Finally in New Jersey!
We're almost there!  Elizabeth is right next to Newark!
After a pretty long day we arrived in New Jersey.  We took a few wrong turns, but finally made it to David's hotel in Harrison.  After getting settled in at the hotel we went looking for a grocery store.  The closest thing we found was a Wal Mart.  It wasn't like a Super Wal Mart, it was more like the old stores I remember from the 1990's.  We picked up a few things then headed back to get some rest.  Gotta get ready to explore tomorrow!