2011 Summer Road Trip - Day 25

Sunday, June 19, 2011
Sweet Home Alabama bound!

Unfortunately our trip to Louisiana was far too short.  We had some traveling to do today, so we were up and at 'em before noon.  Today we were headed about six hours northeast to Uncle Michael's house in Birmingham, Alabama.  Today was also Father's Day, so we searched for some way to make it special to David, too.

We drove through Mississippi (again) pretty quickly and actually found a geocache at the Alabama welcome center.  The girls thought the welcome center just across the state line was pretty cool!

Our second pass through Mississippi!

We were all excited when we started seeing signs for Birmingham.  At least that means we're getting closer to our destination!

Not quite there, but we're making progress!
We finally made it to Uncle Michael's house around 6:30pm.  We were all starving, so it didn't take us long to head out for dinner.  David decided that he wanted to have ribs, so we headed over to Jim 'N Nick's BBQ.  The last time we were in Birmingham we ate there and were all very pleased with our meals.  This time, not so much...  Apparently they got slammed since it was Father's Day and were woefully underprepared.  First, they were out of ribs.  The only reason David chose the restaurant was because he wanted ribs.  Strike one!  Next, I ordered one of their Bar-B-Que bakers.  They were out of baked potatoes, too.  Strike two!  David managed to find a pulled pork platter that would work with his diet, but when he ordered the vegetable he wanted they were out of it, too!  Strike three!  In addition to being out of most of the dishes we ordered, our waitress had to leave halfway through our meal.  It wasn't really an issue for us, but it was strange!  David was very obviously annoyed, and I felt awful that his Father's Day turned out so bad!  Maybe we can make it up to him on his birthday.....

On a better note, the girls were VERY excited to see Uncle Mike!  He is such a sweetheart!  He volunteered to take David to the airport at 5am tomorrow, and even gave us his queen sized bed to sleep in this week.  Now you know why we love him! :)