Bad weather on the horizon?

Thursday, May 29, 2008
OK. So Rhonda and I talked about the possible weather we'll have when we're in North Carolina. It looks like it's going to be cold (mid 70's) on our beach days!!! We decided to leave a day early since the weekend weather looked pretty good.

We have the car packed to the top. The most important things went in first...

DVD Players? Check
Headphones? Check
New Movies? Check
Quiet Kids? We'll see!!!

Today's the day!!! We headed to Little Rock to pick up Rhonda and make our first stop in Nashville! The hotel we stayed in when we got to Nashville was the Sheraton Music City hotel. It was SO nice! We had sleigh beds with actual footboards! That's something you don't see much in hotels. The service was wonderful, and after just a little playing around and hauling in half a ton of luggage we settled in for the night. I am sure we'll have sweet (beach!) dreams!

Me through Katie's eyes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008
Katie made a book at school to give to me for Mother's Day. She filled in the words that are bold and in italics. The spelling is hers, too. This is how it reads:

COVER: I love you

PAGE 1: I love it when you smile.

PAGE 2: You always are nics actually you are relly nics! XOXOXOXO

PAGE 3: You help me get reddy for school.

PAGE 4: You like to clean the house.

PAGE 5: You are nice because yuo love us!

PAGE 6: You want me to clean my room.

PAGE 7: I love you because you are lovey.

PAGE 8: You are the greatest than eny thing.

PAGE 9: Thank you for cleaning the haus.

It was a very pretty book, all colored and neat. I loved it, but I couldn't help but notice that she referred to me cleaning the house TWICE! The thing is, I am constantly cleaning the house but it's always dirty. I just cannot get ahead.

Oh well! Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and others out there!


Katie's gym recital

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Katie's gymnastics recital was last Saturday. She had a ball! Of course all of her adoring fans (Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papaw Gary, Aunt Allison, Ms. Marsha and Nathan) were there to see her perform. She did a great job! She just joined the Competitive Gymnastics team, so she didn't know all of the routines yet, but she gave it a great try. I think being on the team is going to be great for her.

More Katieisms!

Saturday, May 3, 2008
This one will tickle the funny bone, especially our Mormon friends! Katie went to visit a couple of our friends who happen to attend the Mormon church. This is what she told me when we got home...

Katie: You know, one of the dictionaries at Ed and Cathy's house is afraid of caterpillars.

Me: The DICTIONARY is afraid of caterpillars? What are you talking about?

Katie: Well, one of the dictionaries told me to put a caterpillar on the other one. When I did he started yelling and jumping around.

Me: How in the world did a dictionary talk to you or jump around? What kind of dictionary are you talking about? ( I was VERY puzzled at this point.)

Katie: Momma! You know! The dictionaries! Like the ones that always visited us when we were in Virginia! The ones in the white shirts! The Elders!

Me: Do you mean MISSIONARIES?
Katie: Yeah! The dictionaries!

Wow... I was blown away. It was so funny! Katie got mad at me for laughing, but it just cracked me up!


Katie was VERY serious about this next "Katieism". I took her a Sonic lunch to school one day and dropped it off. This is the conversation we had when I picked her up that afternoon:

Katie: Did you know that the salt from Sonic is poisonous?

Me: The salt at Sonic is poisonous? Who told you that?

Katie: Nobody had to tell me, it's written right on the package... "Ten died".

Me: The package of salt says ten DIED? I don't think they would put that on their salt packages.

Katie: Yes it did! It said ONE-ZERO-D-I-D-E.

Me: (giggling by now) Katie, it's I-O-D-I-D-E, not ONE-ZERO-D-I-D-E. That spells iodide. That is the main ingredient in salt.

Katie: Oh, well, it looked like ten died!