Me through Katie's eyes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008
Katie made a book at school to give to me for Mother's Day. She filled in the words that are bold and in italics. The spelling is hers, too. This is how it reads:

COVER: I love you

PAGE 1: I love it when you smile.

PAGE 2: You always are nics actually you are relly nics! XOXOXOXO

PAGE 3: You help me get reddy for school.

PAGE 4: You like to clean the house.

PAGE 5: You are nice because yuo love us!

PAGE 6: You want me to clean my room.

PAGE 7: I love you because you are lovey.

PAGE 8: You are the greatest than eny thing.

PAGE 9: Thank you for cleaning the haus.

It was a very pretty book, all colored and neat. I loved it, but I couldn't help but notice that she referred to me cleaning the house TWICE! The thing is, I am constantly cleaning the house but it's always dirty. I just cannot get ahead.

Oh well! Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and others out there!



  1. Amy said...:

    awww! I love it!!! THat is so sweet! I LOVE LOVE it!