Bad weather on the horizon?

Thursday, May 29, 2008
OK. So Rhonda and I talked about the possible weather we'll have when we're in North Carolina. It looks like it's going to be cold (mid 70's) on our beach days!!! We decided to leave a day early since the weekend weather looked pretty good.

We have the car packed to the top. The most important things went in first...

DVD Players? Check
Headphones? Check
New Movies? Check
Quiet Kids? We'll see!!!

Today's the day!!! We headed to Little Rock to pick up Rhonda and make our first stop in Nashville! The hotel we stayed in when we got to Nashville was the Sheraton Music City hotel. It was SO nice! We had sleigh beds with actual footboards! That's something you don't see much in hotels. The service was wonderful, and after just a little playing around and hauling in half a ton of luggage we settled in for the night. I am sure we'll have sweet (beach!) dreams!