Travel Day #2

Monday, June 16, 2008
We didn't make it out of the hotel early, but we did get some good sleep! We left Nashville bound for Greensboro, NC, around noon. The trip was pretty uneventful. Rhonda and Katie played lots of travel bingo. Katie won most of the time... I wonder sometimes if she cheats! We stopped at a rest area for lunch and found a geocache while we were there. The girls weren't all that hungry, so we were only there for about thirty minutes. We rolled into Greensboro about dinnertime. Our hotel was HUGE! We had a little trouble finding it. I'm not sure where that extra I-40 came into play...

Dinner was a fiasco. We ate at the hotel restaurant, which was very nice, but our server didn't speak very good English. Just getting some tea in Reese's sippy cup was a chore. The food was good, and even though I almost beat Katie at the table, we did get to eat.

Our room was very interesting. They put us in a suite, which consisted of a bedroom with two double beds and a sitting area with a full sized Murphy bed. Katie chose to sleep in the Murphy bed, and Reese started out in her portable crib. Needless to say by morning they were both in the bed with me. I ended up moving myself to the Murphy bed. It wasn't nearly as comfortable, but at least I had some space!