Jockey's Ridge State Park

Sunday, June 29, 2008
"JOCKEY'S RIDGE is the tallest natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States. Located in Nags Head, it is one of the most significant landmarks on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Always changing, always beautiful…"

I have to say that the park website hit the nail on the head with their description of Jockey's Ridge State Park. It was beautiful! We took lots of pictures and had a great time exploring. I was amazed by how big the dunes were! We were climbing up one big hill and you could see NOTHING except sand and sky. It felt like we were cresting a ridge on the moon or something!

Katie, of course, found a friend as soon as we arrived and ended up wakeboarding down the side of the dune. She LOVED it! Reese tired out pretty fast. On the way back to the car she just decided to lay face down in the sand... Poor baby!