Friday, June 20, 2008
The weather was pretty cold on the day we chose to go see the lighthouses. It was much too cold to swim, for sure! Katie wasn't happy about not going to the beach, and believe me, we had to hear it ALL DAY! She did enjoy going to the Hatteras lighthouse, and she and Rhonda climbed all the way to the top! 257 steps! We also saw the Bodie lighthouse and got to ride the ferry down to Ocracoke.

It was a wonderful day until we tried to LEAVE Ocracoke. We arrived in plenty of time to board the 7pm ferry, or so we thought! When we arrived at the end of the line we couldn't see the dock. It was that long. We obviously missed the 7 o'clock, much to Katie's consternation. Then we didn't make the cut for either of the 8 o'clock ferries, either. That's when the meltdown started! We did get on the 9 o'clock, and Katie whined about halfway home about not getting to swim then finally quietened down. Believe me, we were grateful for the relative peace! I did get some awesome sunset photos while we were waiting. Enjoy!