More Katieisms!

Saturday, May 3, 2008
This one will tickle the funny bone, especially our Mormon friends! Katie went to visit a couple of our friends who happen to attend the Mormon church. This is what she told me when we got home...

Katie: You know, one of the dictionaries at Ed and Cathy's house is afraid of caterpillars.

Me: The DICTIONARY is afraid of caterpillars? What are you talking about?

Katie: Well, one of the dictionaries told me to put a caterpillar on the other one. When I did he started yelling and jumping around.

Me: How in the world did a dictionary talk to you or jump around? What kind of dictionary are you talking about? ( I was VERY puzzled at this point.)

Katie: Momma! You know! The dictionaries! Like the ones that always visited us when we were in Virginia! The ones in the white shirts! The Elders!

Me: Do you mean MISSIONARIES?
Katie: Yeah! The dictionaries!

Wow... I was blown away. It was so funny! Katie got mad at me for laughing, but it just cracked me up!


Katie was VERY serious about this next "Katieism". I took her a Sonic lunch to school one day and dropped it off. This is the conversation we had when I picked her up that afternoon:

Katie: Did you know that the salt from Sonic is poisonous?

Me: The salt at Sonic is poisonous? Who told you that?

Katie: Nobody had to tell me, it's written right on the package... "Ten died".

Me: The package of salt says ten DIED? I don't think they would put that on their salt packages.

Katie: Yes it did! It said ONE-ZERO-D-I-D-E.

Me: (giggling by now) Katie, it's I-O-D-I-D-E, not ONE-ZERO-D-I-D-E. That spells iodide. That is the main ingredient in salt.

Katie: Oh, well, it looked like ten died!


  1. Amy said...:

    hahaha:-) john and I both laughed at those, esp. the 10 died!!! I LOVE IT!!! She i sgetting so big! see you in a few short weeks!!!!