2011 Summer Road Trip - Day 31

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We spent the morning at 3 Birds Berry Farm just outside Blacksburg.  They had a ton of blueberries and some of the biggest blackberries I've ever seen!  What an awesome morning!  Reese had a ball filling her bucket with berries, and Katie loved helping Daisy fill hers!

This berry picking is serious business!

Katie was such a great 'big sis' for Daisy.

What a pretty girl!

Katie is concentrating hard on getting the best berry!

She's so proud of herself!

This was a small one, but still beautiful!
After berry picking we cleaned up and went to lunch with one of David's former co-workers.  Supper at the Chinn's house was fun, and their nephews came to play about 7pm.  Katie had a ball bossing everyone around, and the kids all played hard!  Jack was so wound up that night that it was almost impossible to get him to sleep!  I think he beat both David and me half to death!