2011 Summer Road Trip - Day 29

Thursday, June 23, 2011
We slept as late as we could, and consequently were a bit late getting down for breakfast.  We still got plenty to eat, so that turned out OK.  There was a merchant fair hosted by the Dandridge Chamber of Commerce so we went down and looked around.  About 3pm we took the girls down to the swimming pool, then planned to get out of the hotel.  It was 4pm, but we decided we wanted to explore what this little Tennessee town had to offer.  We figured out that the Bush's Baked Beans plant and museum was nearby, as was a Revolutionary War cemetery, so we set out to explore a little bit!


It was a curvy, hilly road going out to the Bush's plant, but we went anyway.  What a cool place!  The museum and the general store were closed, but there WAS a geocache nearby!

Katie pretending to be a dog!

My kiddos!

Amanda and the kids!
Since there was a geocache so close to the Bush's Visitor Center we decided to teach Amanda all about the virtual treasure hunt.  Katie found our cache in a guardrail.  The parking was a little iffy on this skinny little road, so I didn't walk down to find the cache.  I stayed near the car with Jack.  Kudos to Amanda and Katie for the first find of the day!

Katie found the geocache!
Just like I figured, Amanda was hooked after the first cache!  We explored all kinds of cool places.  We found a small cemetery at the top of a little mountain.  It was way off the beaten path, but a really interesting place to see.  When we pulled to the top of the hill where the cemetery was located there was a lone coyote standing guard.  He vanished when we drove by, but it was still neat to see him so close up.  We found our geocache here, along with some pretty old headstones!

Amanda and I found a geocache at this really old cemetery.
After visiting the Taft Cemetery, we headed to the Fox cemetery.  What a beautiful place!  The view from there really epitomized what Eastern Tennessee is 'supposed' to look like.  Rolling hills, amazing vistas...  I just loved it!  The Fox cemetery was amazing, as well.  There was even a man buried there who had been scalped and killed by Indians!  Really!  It said so on his headstone!

Amanda surrounded by her husband's ancestors.

I thought this headstone was cool!

What an awful way to die!

We found another geocache at the Fox cemetery!

What a cool place!  Beautiful!
It didn't take us long to find the geocache, but we did spend a lot of time here.  It was just a really neat place.  There were some incredibly old headstones, some cool trees and a BATHROOM!  You gotta love finding a bathroom out in the middle of nowhere!  It was clean, too!  We spent the whole afternoon exploring the Tennessee hills, got ourselves lost a few times (the kids were convinced we'd never make it back to the hotel), and just really had a wonderful time together.  I can't wait to do it again!
My godsister and me.  Love her!