2011 Summer Road Trip - Day 32

Sunday, June 26, 2011
When we got up for breakfast David and Wendy had cooked blueberry waffles with the blueberries that we picked yesterday.  Jack thought they were delicious, and Reese ate her fill, too!  Katie told me they were "divine"!  She ate a ton!

He's wearing as much as he ate!

Jack is thinking about pulling Reese's hair.

Katie was still SO sleepy, but she was eating like crazy!

After breakfast we left and went by Virginia Tech to check out their stadium.  Since David spent the first four years of his career with Turner working on Lane Stadium he likes to go by and check on his "baby" when we're in town.

Katie thought the "bush" letters were so cool!

After leaving Blacksburg we checked our trusty Roadside America  iPhone app and found that Foamhenge was right on our way.  What better thing to do than to stop and see an exact replica of Stonehenge made out of foam?  
Katie posing at the entrance.

Foamhenge was a very interesting stop along our way to Dulles.  I don't really think David was impressed, but the kids and I thought it was cool!  After stopping at Foamhenge we had a pretty uneventful trip to our hotel at Dulles.  

Shortly after arriving in Dulles we went over to David's boss's house for dinner.  It was so nice to get to visit with Dale and Mary, and the kids had a blast swimming in their pool!  Dale and his family will be heading to Italy in a couple of weeks... I am so jealous!  I hope they have a SUPER time, and hope I'll get to hear all about it someday!  Maybe they can give me the down low on everything Ellie and I should see if/when we get to go for our 40th birthdays.  We ate hamburgers and had some awesome fruit salad.  Of course, Jack decided he just HAD to nurse right in the middle of dinner.  Thanks, son.  Really.  I really hope we didn't offend anyone!

After a great night with the Kogers, we headed back to our hotel.  We'll be sending David back to work in the morning then we'll be headed to his hotel in Newark, NJ.