2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 23

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Today was the day we got to see Niagara Falls! Mary purchased a guided trip for our whole family, which was awesome! We rode an air conditioned bus all over the place and saw several of the best attractions without having to worry about tickets, parking or any other decisions. I loved it! The kids were excited to get on the bus and get gone!

Our first stop on the tour was the Skylon Tower. We were able to get some great views of the falls from there!

After leaving the Skylon Tower we headed over to The Journey Behind the Falls exhibit and the Fury of the Falls 3D ride. Reese was not impressed with either one... She was afraid of the noise of the falls, and when the floor started shaking and the water started spraying on the Fury ride she was terrified! If I had known how the ride would be I never would have taken her on it. It was kind of scary! The Journey Behind the Falls was neat to see, but I wasn't all that impressed, either.

The area around these two attractions was very impressive, though. I loved the idea of a 'People Mover' and I got some good pictures of the girls in front of the falls.

Reese kept running around saying "Take my picture with this sign!".

We had lunch at a visitor's center type place and then went to the Floral Clock. The Floral Clock is 40 feet wide, with a planted area 38 feet wide, making it one of the largest such clocks in the world. Each year, the face of the clock is filled with 15,000 to 20,000 carpet plants and colorful annuals, planted in unique, intricate designs. It was pretty and I was glad we got to see it. It's funny, I actually took more pictures at the visitor's center than I did at the clock!

We headed downstream to see the Niagara Whirlpool. Reese was more interested in playing with the chains on the trash cans than she was with looking at the water.

Our last tour attraction of the day was a ride on the Maid of the Mist. It was amazing! The boat actually went right up to the falls. It was hard to see anything because of the water blowing around, but it was powerful, to say the least. We all loved it!

Our tour bus dropped us off back at our hotel around 2pm. We received a free ticket to the Niagara Falls movie at the IMAX theater just down from our hotel. We went to the movie. It was OK, but a little cheesy!

David, Mom and I really wanted to take the girls to the Butterfly Conservatory, so we headed towards Niagara on the Lake. Mary and Les decided to skip that attraction and go have some coffee. We got to the conservatory just as it was about to close. They gave us about twenty minutes to explore, and the girls both loved it.

After the Butterfly Conservatory kicked us out we drove up to Niagara on the Lake to look around. It was a beautiful little place and the lake was amazing! We looked around for something to eat, but couldn't make a decision. We ended up meeting David's parents at Jack Astor's for some bar & grill type food then went to Wal Mart for a birthday surprise for Reese. Her 4th birthday is tomorrow!