2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 28

Thursday, June 24, 2010
We headed into the home stretch today, but not before seeing some pretty cool things along the way! Before we left Effingham we stopped to drop off a travel bug in a local geocache and picked up a new one to move on it's way. We also found a little matchbox car van with "Stinky's Diaper Service" written on the side. We traded for it, since Reese's nickname is Stinky. I thought it was cute!

We also stopped at the The Cross in Effingham, Illinois. This is what Roadside America has to say about the cross:

" 'Cross at the Crossroads' was built for broadly noble religious reasons -- and to out-size every other big cross out there, especially the giant cross in Groom, Texas, which was both its inspiration and its toughest competition.

198 feet tall and 113 feet wide, forged out of over 180 tons of steel anchored in untold fathoms of cement, the cross can withstand winds hurled by evilest of forces at up to 145 mph. Its stark, slab-sided design conveys the corporate utility of a logo -- no distracting crucifixion blandishments, just the plainest symbol of Christianity."

We took several photos of the kids at the cross. It was amazing just how big that thing was!

After leaving the Cross, we hit the road in earnest on our way home. After crossing the Missouri state line we started to get HUNGRY!

We stopped for dinner at Lambert's Cafe, The Only Home of Throwed Rolls, in Sikeston, Missouri. Lambert's Cafe is such a fun place to eat. The atmosphere is all about fun. There are license plates, pictures, and business cards attached all over the walls. They are most famously known for their "throwed rolls". The waiters and waitresses will walk up and down the aisles with a cart of rolls that they will throw across the restaurant at you. The food is outstanding. A lot of the food is family style. The wait staff will walk by with tomatoes and macaroni, fried potatoes and fried okra and scoop some on your plates. If you run out of something you ordered whether it be shrimp, pork chops, or something else they will get you more. They are also known for their delicious hubcaps, which are large cinnamon rolls. Dinner was fabulous, and the girls thought it was hilarious to get food thrown at them! We would definitely stop again! There were also several great photo ops out in front of the restaurant. Check out some of these pics:

We started the rest of the trek home after dinner and ran into a little more rain. It was late when we got in, but we were home! It was good to be home to sleep in my own bed for a few nights!