2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 7

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Blacksburg, VA to Carlisle, PA

The Rundown: I really wanted to get an early start on the road, but when my alarm went off at 8:30am I just could not get up. We ended up leaving our hotel around noon, and that turned out to be just fine for all of us. We made it past Roanoke, and when I saw the signs for Natural Bridge I asked the girls if they wanted to stop. They did, so we decided to stop and check out Virginia's natural wonder.

The walk down to the Natural Bridge was scenic and beautiful, and since we were curious we walked past the bridge to the Monacan Village, a reproduction of an authentic Indian village. The girls loved the village and actually got to talk to two women who were dressed in period costumes and making beaded necklaces. One of the women, Victoria, told us that she grew her own beads! She gave Katie some seeds to try growing when we get home. Katie just loved that!

After the bridge and village, we went to the wax museum and the toy museum. We never would have chosen these tours on our own, but since they were included in our tickets we decided to check them out. The wax museum terrifed both kids, and the toy museum was a bore. I was glad to get out of both of them.

After the museums we went to get ice cream at the gift shop and then got back on the road. We stopped at a welcome center rest stop in West Virginia and found two geocaches and a letterbox, then hit the road again. We looked for a rest area on our short trek through Maryland, but there wasn't one, so we stopped at the welcome center in Pennsylvania. We found two caches there, too! The girls were SOOO excited! Reese even got a little "Blues Clues" matchbox car out of one of the caches.

When we got to our hotel in Carlisle it looked a little deserted and spooky! Turns out a major thunderstorm had just rolled through and the hotel was without power. Reese was totally freaked out because she's scared of the dark! I was so glad I had glow sticks in my bag! We broke out several of those and she was happy again. Since we had no air conditioning or light we decided to go for a very late dinner (10pm), and when we got back we had power. After that it wasn't long before both girls crashed, thank goodness!

High Point of the Day: Visiting the Natural Bridge and the Monacan Village, finding four geocaches and a letterbox!

Low Point of the Day: Having to haul our luggage up the stairs to the third floor of our hotel because there was no electricity to run the elevators.

Photos of the Day:

Miles: 313

Total miles:1303


•Hotel: $0

•Admission: $28.00 (Natural Bridge)

•Breakfast: $0 (ate out of our cooler)

•Lunch: $0 (ate out of the cooler again)

•Dinner: $22.91 (Denny's)

•Snacks: $6.44 (ice cream)

•Miscellaneous: $2.09 (souvenir mood ring for Katie)

•Gas: $40

Total for the day: $99.44

Total for the trip: $494.72