2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 27

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
We started on our way home from Ohio today for a short break from the road. We were all sad to say goodbye to GranMary and Papa Les, but I think we were all itching to get back on the pavement, too! David went back to work in Albany, so it was just us girls on the road this time!

When we hit the Indiana border it was raining like CRAZY! In fact, we saw quite a bit of rain on our travels today.

It's obvious that we are now experienced (and messy!) roadtrippers! Look at my car!!!

It didn't take long for Reese to crash out once we got rolling. She did a lot of playing at GranMary's house, and it wore her out! She fell asleep with her Twinkie in her hand! Haha!

Katie just acted like her goofy, funny self on the trip, of course...

We were all glad to see the Illinois state line. We knew the end of our long day of road tripping was close to an end.

We stayed in Effingham, Illinois, for the night. We were all pretty tired, so Nana decided to spring for dinner in the hotel. It was really good! We had steaks and baked potatoes, and the kids had some macaroni and cheese. It was a pretty quiet night.