2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 20

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Today was our last day in New York City. We slept in, AGAIN, and missed our fabulous hotel breakfast. None of us really cared. We were worn out! We finally got around, got ready and got our bags packed so that we could store them at the front desk while we explored the city a little bit more.

For breakfast we chose a pub that was next door to our hotel. It was definitely overpriced, but the food was good. Katie ordered sliders (mini hamburgers) and was totally impressed that they were served on a block of wood!

Reese wanted us to take a picture of her macaroni and cheese, too.

We decided that today was the day to see the World Trade Center Tribute museum. We made it over there easily and were humbled, amazed and saddened by the artifacts we saw there. Believe it or not, the girls actually seemed to recognize the solemnity of the place and actually behaved quite well. We took our time and saw everything we wanted to see. I think both Mom and I cried, but I don't know how you could visit this place and not get upset. They are still working at the WTC site. It's just one big construction zone. There are cranes everywhere!

The girls thought this statue that was dug out of the rubble and finally replaced at Liberty Park was really cool.

We also visited St. Paul's church near the WTC site. Immediately after the attack in New York this little church became a sanctuary for thousands of volunteers, policemen, firemen and others. The church served as a shelter for nine months for rescuers who not only prayed and grieved but ate and slept there as well. Banners made by schoolchildren from around the nation hang from the chapel's rafters. It was amazing to wander around inside the chapel and see the exhibits from 9/11. The cemetery was incredible, too. There were gravestones that dated back to the 1700's.

After visiting the WTC museum and St. Paul's we went back to our hotel and picked up our bags for the trek back to the Amtrak station. I was exhausted, and mom ended up pulling our luggage. I offered to help, but she wouldn't let me! We finally made it to the correct subway and managed to jump into the last car. It was awful! The car was SO crowded it was standing room only. We crammed ourselves against the back wall. I actually made Reese sit down on the nasty floor because she kept stumbling around. I was contracting hard enough that I couldn't stand up straight, much less hang on to her. We finally made it to the Amtrak station and found out where we needed to be to catch our train. We got on and headed back to Albany right on time. It was so nice to sit in the comfy train seats!

Our train arrived pretty much on time and we only had to wait a little while for David to get there to pick us up. We were all exhausted and didn't have any trouble going to sleep that night!