2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 6

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Blacksburg, VA

The Rundown: We promised Amy that we'd be out of bed at a decent hour since she was off work, so we were actually up and dressed by 10am, which is a miracle for my family! We met Amy at Panera Bread and had breakfast then went to the mall for a short session of power shopping. I didn't buy anything for myself, but Katie made out pretty well. She bought herself a tube of lip gloss at Bath & Body Works with her $10 gift card from Christmas, then managed to get me to buy her some earrings at Claire's.

Amy had to get her younger kids from preschool at noon, so we went and got the car washed then met her at her house. Katie and Reese played with Sullivan while Carrington napped, and Amy and I started packing up her office. They will be moving next Tuesday, so she had a ton to do.

Around 3pm it was time to get the older kids from school. I took Sullivan to his crossfit gym class while Amy picked up the three older boys. We decided that the best choice for dinner was a bunch of Little Caesar's pizza at the park, so during the older boys' crossfit class we went and picked up food. After class we went to the park and chowed down on pizza and let the kids play. We honestly thought we'd get to take the younger kids swimming while the older boys had swim team practice, but the weather foiled our plans. A huge thunderstorm blew in that cancelled swim team practice and any chance of going to the pool. We all watched "Hercules" instead and visited with the Schwartz family a little more.

After arriving back at the hotel at 10pm I had a TON of packing to do. Katie was acting like a pill, so it took twice as long as it should have... I did finally get it all done and we fell into bed around 1am.

High Point of the Day: For Katie: Being allowed to buy dangly earrings and lip gloss. For the rest of us: Visiting with old friends.

Low Point of the Day: Not getting to go swimming. Finding out that my brother-in-law is going to be deployed to Afghanistan by the end of this year, leaving my baby sister alone...

Photos of the Day: We never took out the camera!

Miles: 19

Total miles:990


•Hotel: $0

•Admission: $0

•Breakfast: $9.94 (Panera)

•Lunch: $0 (PB&J at Amy's house)

•Dinner: $26.60 (Little Caesar's Pizza)

•Snacks: $0

•Miscellaneous: $7.35 (Claire's for earrings), $11 car wash

•Gas: $35

Total for the day: $89.89

Total for the trip: $395.28