2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 22

Friday, June 18, 2010
It was our plan to be up, packed and on our way to Niagara Falls by 10am. Unfortunately, that didn't happen! David was supposed to be off work by then so that he could ride to Niagara with us, but those plans fell through. He had a crisis at work that required his attention, so mom, the girls and I were on our own. I was upset at first, but got over it. It's easier to travel without a man in the car, anyway!

We set off before noon and had a pretty good trip. We stopped and found a couple of geocaches along our route and got stuck in a TERRIBLE traffic jam in Buffalo, New York. I got a laugh out of Katie while we were stuck. After letting several cars cut in front of me I sped up a little and closed the gap between me and the car in front of me. Katie looked over to our left and saw an older man in a nice sports car. I didn't see that he wanted to cut in, so I stayed where I was. A minute later Katie said, "Mommy, why is that man waving at you with only one finger?". Apparently I ticked him off! Hahaha!

We got to our hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and met up with David's parents. We had made plans to meet them in Niagara for a total family weekend. David wasn't due to arrive at the Buffalo, NY, airport until 11pm, so we headed to dinner at the Italian restaurant in our hotel. It was good! I had bacon wrapped scallops. Yummy! After dinner we headed over to the falls to watch the fireworks. They were great! The girls were amazed by both the falls and the fireworks, and I was, too! My pictures are terrible, but you get the idea!

David's plane was supposed to arrive in Buffalo at 11pm. Of course, he was delayed. That seems to be the story of his life! I was all set to go get him at 11pm, but when his delay pushed his arrival time back to 2am I changed my mind. I decided that he could dang well pay for a cab... David's mom had booked a tour for the whole family that was scheduled to leave at 8am. There was no way I was taking my tired, pregnant tail all the way to Buffalo (an hours drive away) to pick him up and then getting up at 6:30am to get everyone ready to take the tour. He ended up arriving at the hotel sometime around 3am. I vaguely remember him coming in the room, but that's about it!