2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 12

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

The Rundown: We slept in EXTREMELY late today! It was almost noon when we finally ran David out of bed. He was the last one up! I woke up at 7am to the sound of his snoring, so I went downstairs to sleep on the Murphy bed. Both girls slept in the floor by our bed all night, so I had the whole room to myself! Bliss! Of course, it wasn't long before Katie came downstairs and got in bed with me, then Reese followed not long after. Nobody likes to hear Daddy snore!

After we finally got up and around we headed down to Creperie Catherine for authentic French crepes for brunch! I had a crepe with Black Forest ham, swiss & cheddar cheese and egg. It was delicious! David had a seafood crepe that was stuffed with lobster, crab, scallops and lobster and topped with a bechamel sauce. Yummy! Katie had a plain crepe with maple syrup and Reese had a plain crepe with chocolate sauce. She was in sweet tooth heaven! We managed to eat everything, but only because David acted as our personal garbage disposal. I was full halfway through my entree, so he finished mine for me. He did the same for Katie and Reese.

We went to play mini golf after we ate and the girls loved that. Reese screamed, "I won! I won!" every single time she got the ball in the hole. With her daddy's help she managed to get two 'hole-in-one' shots. She was even practicing her "stretches" before each putt. It was crazy! Katie played well, but when Reese started to pull ahead of her in the game her poor sportsmanship came out in full force. We had to have a little talk about that, and even though her attitude didn't improve much we finished the game.

Ice cream was the next requirement of the day, so after the golf game we went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate store for a snack. We managed to spend almost $20 on ice cream! Geez! We took the girls out into the square to run off some energy and eat their ice cream. After about three bites Katie decided she didn't like chocolate ice cream. I ended up eating all of my cone and part of hers, too. While they were running around Reese managed to shove her blue bubble gum ice cream cone into Katie's arm. The whole blob of ice cream stuck to Katie's jacket. Reese was devastated! I just gave her the rest of Katie's chocolate cone and she was happy.

We lounged around the room for the remainder of the afternoon, then around 7pm went to the grocery store in Saint Jovite. We picked up a pre-made lasagne from the deli to cook in our room, some fruit, some milk and juice. The kids behavior was SO bad that people were literally laughing at us. I was SOOOO mad! They were ridiculous. We headed back to the room and I was so disgusted that I didn't even want to eat. We ended up eating watermelon and cereal for supper, and I think everybody was happy with that.

We plan to try to get up in the morning and head down to Val-David, about 45 minutes from here, to go to the Village du Pere Noel, a small amusement park for young children, and lunch or dinner at Al Petit Poucet, which, according to one of my Trip Advisor friends, serves the only authentic Quebecois food in the region. Can't wait!

High Points of the Day:
Reese: Mini golf! Ice cream!
Shannon: Theice cream and just being lazy for a while.
David: Sleeping in really late.

Low Points of the Day:
Katie: Reese winning at mini golf.
Reese: Losing her blue bubblegum ice cream cone.
Shannon: Going grocery shopping.
David: The grocery store debacle.

Photos of the Day:
Reese eating her chocolate crepes.

A rare picture with ME in it!

Miles: 30

Total miles: 2113


•Hotel: $0

•Admission: $48.75 CAD (Gondola tickets)

•Breakfast: $0 (hotel breakfast)

•Lunch: $56.64 CAD (Creperie Catherine)

•Dinner: $0 (Snacked in hotel room)

•Groceries: $43.70 CAD (Cereal, lasagne, milk, bread, yogurt, watermelon, apple juice)

•Snacks: $18.39 CAD (Ice cream at Rocky Mtn Chocolate)

•Miscellaneous: $0

•Gas: $0

Total for the day: $167.48 CAD

Total for the trip: $685.04 USD

Total for the trip: $472.01 CAD