2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 10

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Albany, NY to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

The Rundown: We packed everything up and hit the road once again today! The back end of our Pilot was full, but everyone was excited and anxious to get to Canada. We stopped at one of the rest areas in upstate New York to look for a geocache, but the cloud cover kept messing with our GPS so we couldn't find a thing.

David and I were both a little nervous that we wouldn't have everything we needed for customs at the Canadian border, but we were fine. The little guy in the customs booth did tell us we needed to sign our passports. DUH! We're so new at this that we totally forgot! It was pretty funny! He asked us a few questions, such as our address, where we were going, the name of our hotel and if we knew anyone in Montreal. He also asked if we were carrying any weapons, alcohol or tobacco. That was about it! Much easier than I anticipated.

It was raining when we got into Quebec, and continued to rain pretty much the whole time we were driving. It was surprising to me how flat everything was! It looked like Highway 64 between Bald Knob and Memphis! That shocked me! The roads were pretty good until we got to Montreal, then the condition worsened greatly. Their bridges terrified me! There were literally chunks of concrete missing from the bottoms of the bridges we went under. We didn't even WANT to see the bottoms of the ones we were on! We took a wrong turn in Montreal, but did finally make it out and into the Laurentian Mountains. They are beautiful! Our reception at the hotel was wonderful. Mariana, our desk clerk, was fabulous about letting us know about the hotel and what's in the village. We were so glad when we learned that she could speak English! The official language for this area is French, so we were a little apprehensive that we wouldn't be able to understand anyone!

We had eaten at McDonald's on the way, so no one was hungry for supper. We just settled into our room and did a few loads of laundry. David worked for a while and the rest of us finally went to bed around 11:30pm. I woke up to the sound of him yelling at his computer around 3am. He was angry that it wasn't performing the way he wanted it to, so he thought talking to it would help. He was loud enough to wake me up! It was crazy! Katie had apparently been up several times in the bathroom, too. I don't know if she ate something that didn't agree with her or had a little stomach flu, but she felt rotten. I felt so sorry for her. She ended up sleeping in the floor beside my bed. We finally went back to bed around 4:30am. I was really tired and SOOO ready to crash!

High Point of the Day: Finally arriving at our hotel only to find that we had been upgraded from a studio suite to a one bedroom loft suite with a Murphy bed for the girls!

Low Points of the Day: Me: Having to do laundry, breaking a crown, waking up at 3am to the sound of David yelling at his computer.
Katie: Having to be up at 3am with a stomach virus, getting mustard on her cheeseburger along with the ketchup. She hates mustard.
David: Being frustrated with his slow computer and not being able to work the whole time we're on vacation.
Reese: Getting all of the skin scraped off the top of her foot when Katie opened the door over her foot.

Photos of the Day:

Miles: 305

Total miles: 2083


•Hotel: $0

•Admission: $0

•Breakfast: $0 (hotel breakfast)

•Lunch: $0

•Dinner: $24.80 CAD (McDonald's in Canada)

•Snacks: $0

•Miscellaneous: $0

•Gas: $31 USD

Total for the day: $31.00 USD

Total for the day: $24.80 CAD

Total for the trip: $685.04 USD

Total for the trip: $24.80 CAD