2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 39

Monday, July 5, 2010
Today is my mom and daddy's 41st wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary you guys!

We slept in today and then headed down toward the Atlanta airport so that David could prepare for going back to work tomorrow. Since we were headed south, we decided to stop and visit with David's brother, Barry, and his wife, Deborah. We stopped along the way and picked up a couple of watermelons, then we went to visit! We had a good time talking with them, and got to see Deborah's mom, Joanne, and Deborah's son, Holden. It was so nice to visit, but we did head out for the airport after a short while.

We stayed at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport. It was a nice hotel, and they treated us great! David had to get up early to catch his flight, so we went down for bed pretty early.