2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 50, 51, 52

Sunday, July 18, 2010
We spent our last day in New Orleans just being lazy. After we got up we headed to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to go see Queenie and Papa. David was supposed to fly into New Orleans and drive up with us, but work obligations kept him in New York. We were really excited to visit with my godmother (Queenie), and Nana came down to meet us at her house! The girls, especially Reese, were SOOOO excited! She actually stayed at Queenie's house with Nana both Friday and Saturday nights instead of staying at the hotel with us.

David arrived Saturday afternoon at the HUGE Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport. Hahaha! I've never seen an airport so small! His flight was crazy! He had two connections, and got delayed in Atlanta. It turned out that he had to spend the night in Memphis. What a pain!

We visited with Queenie all weekend, and the guys (David, Norton and Luke) went to the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby. While the guys were gone we just sat around in Queenie's living room and chatted. Reese was playing and took a flying leap onto my big, pregnant tummy. OUCH! I sat there and contracted all day after that. We decided to go on home Sunday instead of Monday so I could see the doctor. I felt awful the whole way home. It was bad enough that I actually let David drive!