2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 35

Thursday, July 1, 2010
We headed out this morning for the first day of our trip through the South. Our first night, tonight, will be spent with David's brother, Michael. One thing we noticed when we were crossing the I-55 bridge into Memphis is that they moved the Tennessee state line sign! It used to be on the bridge hanging about halfway across the Mississippi River. The Arkansas sign is still on the bridge, but the Tennessee sign is on land on the Memphis side of the bridge, right before the exit for downtown Memphis.

We stopped in Tupelo, Mississippi, hoping to find an easy geocache. Alas, we didn't find a cache, but we did get to see the pretty little main drag in Tupelo. We didn't try to fit in a trip to Elvis' boyhood home or anything like that, but I would like to go back someday and explore the town a little more someday.

After leaving Tupelo, we headed on into Alabama. We saw a sign for "Reese Road", which was pretty cool. Reese loved seeing her name on an overpass. At least it wasn't her name written in spray paint with her phone number alongside! Haha!

We arrived at Uncle Mike's house around 5pm. He was home from work and the kids were super excited to see him. As loud as they were all playing I'm surprised we didn't get noise complaints from his neighbors! We settled in for a pizza dinner and just hung out all night. It was nice!

We get to head into Atlanta after picking David up at the airport tomorrow. Should be fun!