Monday, August 2, 2010
Well, we went to the doctor today. I am now 80% effaced, but still only 1cm dilated! Dr. Marks keeps telling me he's surprised that I've made it this far. As of Friday I will be 34 weeks along! I am determined... I really want a September baby! It would complete our "family calendar" to have a baby born in September! Check this out:

January - Jason's birthday (my brother)
February - Mom's birthday
March - MY birthday!
April - Caleb's birthday (nephew #1)
May - Nathan's birthday (nephew #2)
June - Reese's birthday
July - David's birthday
August - Chris's birthday (my sister's husband)
September - No family birthdays here yet!!!!!
October - Katie's birthday, Alyssa's birthday (my sister)
November - Daddy's birthday, Allison's birthday (my brother's wife)
December - CHRISTMAS!

I guess technically we need a September and a December baby, but I count Jesus's birthday as one of our family birthdays, too!

I really want to fill up our calendar, so baby Jack, please stay in there until September 1st!