Ear tags and IVs

Thursday, August 26, 2010
Ear tags or preauricular tags are one of many usually small congenital defects that might be seen on an infant or slightly older child. The tag is usually a small flap made primarily of skin that is slightly in front of the ear. Some babies have only one and this finding is not significant of anything necessarily. Other infants may have several ear tags and these could be associated with certain defects of which skin tags are a symptom or with conditions that cause unusual development of skin tags. Many times an ear tag is singular and will signify very little in an infant or child’s life. However, due to the potential that the tag might mean something else, including possible risk to hearing, the presence of one should be brought to the attention of a child’s doctor. Since the ear tags are skin colored they may not always be noticed at first.

Jack has a rather large ear tag on his left ear, and a small "bump" on his right ear. The doctor tells us that he will have to have surgery later in the year to remove the tags, but it is a relatively simple procedure, and fortunately, these tags don't affect his hearing at all. They ARE funny looking, but at least they're fixable!

Jack has also been "grunting" a lot, which means he may have a respiratory infection. The doctors have decided that prophylactic antibiotics are our best course of action. In order to administer the antibiotics, Jack has to have an IV. It's so pitiful looking! We went through the same exact thing when Katie was born. He was also jaundiced, so he had to wear little pads on the sides of his head to attach his eye shields. He looked so funny! I was upset that he was sick, but I felt like we were being taken care of, at least.

My sweet little man with his arm all bound up with his IV.

He had oval shaped white velcro patches on the sides of his head.

He wrapped his toes up in the cords that were attached to him.


  1. Laurel said...:

    Hi there!
    I came across this post through a search. My son was born with almost exactly the same ear tag and bump on his left ear, with a small skin tag on his right ear. He is now nearly five months. We are considering surgery, and I'd LOVE any feedback from your experience!
    Thanks! :c)


  1. Shannon C. said...:

    Laurel - I'll send you an email! Our experience was great!

  1. Shannon C. said...:

    Also - does the 'EN' in your email address mean anything different or is it just capitalized letters?