Photos of Jack Archer

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Mr. Jack Archer Harpole Cooan - Freshly hatched!

Muscle Man!!!

He was a big boy to be a full month early!

Katie was such a proud big sister!

Reese was all smiles, too!

Katie was shielding his eyes from the bright lights.

Gross, yes, but he had a HUGE placenta!!! They are usually about a pound, not more than two pounds!

All cleaned up now...

I FINALLY got to hold him after everyone else had see him!

Me and my kids!

GranMary got to be there for Jack's birth, too. It was so cool!

Aunt Alyssa was there, too. She's smitten, can you tell?

Katie was in love from the very first second!

Reese thought he was pretty cool, too.

I love my little monkey man!

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