Our wild and crazy Christmas!

Friday, December 28, 2007
Our Christmas started on the Friday before the 25th. We hosted our annual Stocking Stuffer Party with several of our friends. We had about 25 people here, and we all pigged out on cookies and pie. Our stocking stuffer party is unique as far as I know. Every year my mom and I head out the week after Christmas and snatch up all of the stocking stuffers we can find for under $1 or $2. We usually have five boys, five girls, eleven women and ten men. We look for stuff for everyone. This year we had gag gifts and all kinds of other goodies. Most of the guests bring stocking stuffers, too, so our big camoflage (yes, we're rednecks!) stockings are filled to the top.

On Saturday we had our Christmas at Nana and Papaw Gary's house. The food was great, the kids got too many presents and we all went home happy! What could be better?

On Sunday we went to my Uncle Bob's house to celebrate with him and his family. We ate chili dogs and talked and talked and talked. We hardly ever get together with them and I just hate that... They live in Sherwood, which is only about 45 minutes from here, but somehow we never meet up...

Monday we didn't do too much. It was Christmas Eve, but it was a perfect day to relax. We had to get ready for Santa!!!

Santa came to our house sometime Monday night. We all slept in, but once the kids were up it was all fun! Katie got a "Streak -n- Style" so that her hair can be all different colors, a set of hot rollers, a cutting tool for her artistic endeavors, and some clothes. Reese got a couple of toys and some great clothes. Her favorite gift from Santa was a 'Fridge DJ' radio made by Leap Frog. She hasn't put it down since she got it! The girls both got a computer to share. Santa took my mom's old computer, painted it pink and set it up with all their games. They loved it. My mom and daddy came up for breakfast, and we spent the rest of the day just hanging out.