We have our Christmas lights up!

Friday, December 7, 2007
Today is the day... I am going to hang our outdoor Christmas lights. The first thing I have to do is make sure all of the kids are unconscious. Both of the Reeses are down for a nap. (I babysit a little boy named Reese along with my Reese. It's like Reese squared!)

Now that they're asleep I am headed outside to tackle this project..... I bought new C9 lights to outline the perimeter of the roof. I have about seven strands of these lights. Hope it'll be enough! The first time I hung them, I got everything up and was ready to attach the extension cord for power. Well, I plugged it in, then dropped the cord. All of the lights fell off domino style, so I'm back to square one. I finally got them all up on the third try, but every time I plug in the cord all of the fuses blow. I guess I plugged too many in at one time. Back to the drawing board!

I finally got all of the C9 lights glowing, and now I'm working on the twinkle lights that will go on our front porch columns. The good thing is that all of the lights work, the bad thing is that I never dreamed it would take so many lights to cover those columns! Even though the pictures don't show it, all of our lights were multicolored, not white.

The finishing touch was our door wreath. I don't have a good Christmas wreath, so I improvised... I took a round swim ring and blew it up, then I wrapped white tinsel all around the ring until it was completely covered. After that, I took glue dots and attached plastic mulitcolored Christmas balls to the tinsel. It turned out cute, but when the weather got really cold all of the air went out of my swim ring. My wreath was a little saggy, but we just pretended it was supposed to be shaped like an oval!