Provincetown! What a trip!

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Heading down Route 6 to Provincetown in no way prepared us for what we would experience today! Our first stop along the was was at a roadside jam and jelly stand. What we discovered there was certainly worth the stop! They had every kind of jelly, jam and chutney you could imagine! Even tomato! The name of the place was Briar Lane Jams & Jellies. It was amazing! We were waited on by the daughter, and the mom was in the back cooking up some of their Beach Plum Jelly. I bought three jars and Rhonda bought two. Make sure to check them out if you're ever going down Route 6. You'll see them on the left side of the road right before you see the Moby Dick restaurant. Good stuff!

Photo courtesy of Diary of a Locavore

Coming into Provincetown we saw a road sign with a sand advisory. Looking off to the right we could definitely see why. The dunes were amazing!

We rounded the end of the Cape and went by the Race Point beach. We ended up at the juncture of Route 6 and Commercial Street where we saw the most amazing breakwater! Seeing something so incredible meant we HAD to go across it!

The walk across the breakwater was arduous, but SO worth the work! We saw some interesting beach trash (a boat) and we watched a schooner creep across the horizon on the way over, and the view of the beach was incredible!

We were able to see two lighthouses, the Wood End Light and the Long Point Light, although we were too wiped out to try walking to either of those after the trek across the breakwater. The thing that struck us the most about the tip of the Cape was the emptiness. It was totally deserted. We were the only humans on that little portion of land at that time. It was peaceful and beautiful, and we loved it!

We did find out on our way back why the beach was so empty... The tide was coming in and the water got REALLY high on the breakwater! I am sure that the locals were snickering at the green tourists as they were leaving and we were headed over. There were actually portions of our rock walkway that were almost underwater! Believe me, granite gets slick when it's wet! Rhonda and I were both thanking God for our Sperry's! The logo on the box says, "Get Wet!", so we did! There were times when the surf would hit the rocks and splash up on us. It was a little scary! We didn't know if the tide would come over the rocks, and we didn't want to be caught out if it did!