New England Hospitality

Friday, September 11, 2009
We stopped in Sandwich for lunch at the British Beer Company. We had only eaten granola bars for breakfast, so we were starving! This place looked like just the thing.


The interior of this restaurant was all dark and publike. It was great! We ordered a local drink called Real City Soda since they didn't have Coca Cola and surprisingly liked it a lot! We both ordered pastys, and liked them, too. I had the Chicken & Leek Pasty and Rhonda had the New England Pasty. They were awesome and cured our rumbling tummies right away.

We drove around in Sandwich for just a bit to try to find a place to buy a phone charger. In my rush to leave home I left behind one on my most important things! We had a hard time finding ANY stores because they all look like houses! The funny thing is, all the houses look alike, too!





We ended up finding a Super Stop & Shop and got our first dose of New England hospitality. We walked around the store looking for cell phone chargers. We didn't find any, so we decided to ask about them at the customer service desk. We had to wait a moment for another customer to exchange some coffee, then it was our turn. When I took my place at the counter the woman behind the desk looked at me. I waited for her to speak, but she never did! I finally asked her if they had any cell phone chargers in the store. She looked at me again, this time like I'd grown a third eyeball or something, and said, "No." That's it. OOOO-KAAAY! This was like pulling teeth! I then asked her where the nearest place to get a charger might be, and after a minute she said, "You can check in Hyannis or Falmouth." I waited. She said nothing else. Being from Arkansas I had NO IDEA exactly where Hyannis or Falmouth were, but I didn't think I'd get any more out of her, so we left.

Right outside, in the Super Stop & Shop parking lot, to be exact, we spotted a CVS drug store. We decided we had nothing to lose, so we went in to check it out. It took us about three minutes to find an iPhone charger. Thankfully, the customer service at the CVS was better, too. I got in the car, plugged in my phone, and we were finally on our way!