I'm not brain damaged, after all!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Well, I finally got in to see the neurologist. I had an appointment for May 14th, but they called me Monday afternoon and said, "We have a cancellation, do you want to come tomorrow?" Of course, my answer was YES!

Anyway, mom and I went to Little Rock and I got to see the doc. The symptoms I've been having have been really scary. I've had actual 'holes' in my vision, blinding headaches, blurred vision, confusion, loss of memory, dizziness, all kinds of crazy stuff. She checked me out and diagnosed me with severe migraines. It was such a relief to me to not hear "You're going to die".

I have been so scared! I'm going back on May 30th for an MRI and an MRA, and she's supposed to schedule a CT scan for me, too, just to rule out any tumors, aneurysms, or other disease of the brain. Dr. Corbitt seemed pretty confident that we're just dealing with bad migraines, though.

The doc has had me cut out all caffiene (yawn), all MSG (no Chinese food), all chocolate (I think I might die from that ) and all Nutrasweet (there goes my chewing gum...).

She prescribed seven, yes, SEVEN prescriptions for my headaches. I looked like a drug addict at the pharmacy! The best part is that she also prescribed four weeks of physical therapy, three times a week. The physical therapy is to include deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders. The best part is that insurance will pay for all of those massages! You gotta love it!
I just hope we can get these headaches to go away. It is impossible for me to be a good mom or a good wife when my head hurts so bad all the time. Thank God for modern medicine!