Why I can't stand teenage girls

Tuesday, April 3, 2007
The past two weeks have reaffirmed my dislike of most teenage girls. There is a group of girls at my sister's school that have just been giving her hell. It's just getting ridiculous. I wish I could take a cork and shove it in each of their mouths so they would shut up and leave her alone.

They're all mad because this guy they all know liked my sis better than he liked one of them. My sister didn't initiate contact with him, and he and the other girl weren't "going out" (modern day version on going steady), but they were "talking".

Maybe my sis shouldn't have talked to him, but you know, one conversation shouldn't cause these little vipers to attack her and call her filthy names. Of course, when they did that, she just said "to heck with it" and started dating him. If you're going to take the blame, why not play the game?

They have really carried it too far. They just won't shut up. Maybe they just need to take a step back and look at themselves. If they did that they might see just how immature and envious they look. I don't know. I think they're all blinded by their princess crowns.

The good thing is that my sis has a strong family, a couple of REALLY good girlfriends, and now, she has the guy, too. You gotta love it.