2011 Summer Road Trip - Day 4

Monday, May 30, 2011
We slept in today.  It was awesome!  After everyone was up and around we let the kids go swimming.  The wind was so awful!  It was literally blowing the water out of the pool!  The kids didn't care, and Jack looked cool sporting his sunscreen mohawk!

Later that afternoon we went to visit Melody's brother, Travis.  He cooked an awesome meal for us, then we went and flew kites in the baseball field behind his house.  Let me tell you, if you ever want to fly a kite, Kansas is the place to do it!  My kids had such a great time!  I don't think we've ever had enough wind in Arkansas (without a thunderstorm) to fly kites like this!

Reese LOVED flying her kite!

Katie was SO good at keeping her kite in the air!

Bart, Melody and David watching Jayden reel in the kite Katie put so far in the air.

Reese and Jace were fast friends.

David and Jack watching the show.