2011 Summer Road Trip - Day 3

Sunday, May 29, 2011
We definitely paid the toll, in more ways than one!  No more 8 hour days in the car!

This day was our LONG day!  I try to never travel with the kids for more than five hours, but David was anxious to get to Lakin to see the Garcias.  Since we wanted to do it in one day, we left Tulsa for Lakin, Kansas, around noon.  Overall it was a good trip.  I have to say, driving through Oklahoma and Kansas isn't the most scenic or exciting thing to do with your day.  It's flat.  It's dry.  In a word, boring...

We were very impressed with Greenwood, Kansas.  When we drove through there about four years ago the town was completely destroyed.  A tornado had totally devastated almost the entire town.  They have rebuilt, and it looks great!  You can still see little reminders of the storm, like an empty house foundation, but, for the most part, the town looked great!  I was so happy for them!

It took us until almost 8pm to get to Lakin, but the Garcias were happy to see us!  David swore he would never again try to drive that far in one day with our kids.  It was really hard to resist saying "I told you so", but I did!  Believe me, I've never been so glad to see someone's front door in my life!

Mileage:  413
Total Mileage:  781