2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 1

Friday, May 28, 2010
Searcy to Nashville, TN

The Rundown: We had a hard time getting on the road, but once we got going things went pretty well. We stopped a couple times for potty breaks but managed to keep from spending tons of money on snacks by fully stocking the car with snacks from home!

When we got to our hotel, the Hyatt Place Nashville Airport, they didn't have our reservation on file. Ugh! We had originally booked the hotel for May 31st, but decided to leave earlier. David called the Gold Passport line two months ago to change our reservation but they booked it wrong when they changed it. I called Hyatt and fortunately they changed the reservation to the correct date with no problems. The girls were VERY disappointed that we couldn't go swimming as soon as we got to the hotel. A big thunderstorm blew in just as we arrived in Nashville. The rain didn't last long, but there was thunder and lightning until well after dark. We decided to go eat dinner instead of sitting in the hotel room and waiting for David to arrive. Dinner took a little longer than we expected because the storm knocked out their computer system about the time we asked for our check. It took almost 30 minutes for us to pay, but we finally made it out of there. David's plane was delayed so he got in a little later than planned, but at least it wasn't midnight!

Low Point of the Day: Having to sit in the car...

High Point of the Day: Seeing Spongebob strapped to the back of a U-Haul truck.

Photo of the Day:

Miles: 327

Total miles: 327

Hours in the car: 5:58

Total hours in the car for this trip: 5:58


•Hotel: $0

•Admission: $0

•Breakfast: $0 (ate at home)

•Lunch: $0 (Lunchables in the car)

•Dinner: $40.51(Ruby Tuesday)

•Snacks: $2.82

•Gas: $0 (used free gas card for $35)

Total for the day: $43.33

Total for the trip: $43.33