2010 Summer Road Trip - Day 4

Monday, May 31, 2010
Blacksburg, VA

The Rundown: Even though we planned to get up pretty early and start out day, that didn't happen... I tried to go to bed early, but was somehow still awake at 3:30am. David woke up around 7am, but since he knew I hadn't slept he let me sleep until 10am. I love him for that! We went downstairs to have breakfast here at the hotel then got ready and headed out to Natural Bridge, Virginia, to visit the Virginia Safari Park. We ran into a lot of rain on the way, but finally made it. The girls loved feeding the animals and had a great time at the park.

After leaving the Safari Park we went to downtown Roanoke to see our friends, the Schwartz family, and to see a concert by '1964-The Tribute', a Beatles cover band. They were amazing! Reese took a bad fall down the hill at the amphitheater and managed to scrape up her legs, arms and head. I couldn't believe she fell so hard! Poor baby! She recovered pretty quickly and ended up having a good time. By the end of the night all of the kids (Schwartz kids AND Cooan kids) were down in front of the stage dancing. I loved it!

High Point of the Day: Visiting the Safari Park and getting to see old friends.

Low Point of the Day: The rain really slowed down our trip to Natural Bridge. Reese falling down the hill & getting hurt.

Photos of the Day:

Miles: 173

Total trip miles: 941


•Hotel: $0

•Admission: $77 ($57 Safari Park, $20 concert tickets)

•Breakfast: $0 (hotel breakfast)

•Lunch: $0 (snacks)

•Dinner: $20.00(Festival food at the concert!)

•Snacks: $13.00 (Taco Bell & Wendy's)

•Gas: $40 (free gas card)

•Miscellaneous: $0

Total for the day: $110.00

Total for the trip: $288.19