Road Trip Day #11-#14 of 26

Thursday, June 25, 2009
After arriving with no problems at Alyssa's house (on the Marine Corp Air Station in Beaufort, SC) at 1am, we crashed into bed an hour or so later so that we wouldn't be totally wiped out the next day. Although her new hubby, Chris, was up and off to work very early, we slept in until about 9:30am and then jumped into bed with Alyssa. When breakfast time came, I realized that my bunch would quickly eat Alyssa and Chris out of house and home. We waited for Chris to come home for lunch and leave again, then we took off and went to the commissary on Parris Island. It's great to be military! We were able to stock up on groceries for only $96! I filled up most of the back of my car! We filled up with gas on post, too, for about $.30 cheaper than civilian prices. It was great! We filled all of her cupboards and the fridge and enjoyed the spoils of our trip for the rest of the time we were there. Reese had a jelly sandwich for breakfast one morning and loved it!

The second day we were there we took the girls out to Hunting Island State Park to go to the beach. It was beautiful! We played there for a few hours and found TONS of sand dollars! They were everywhere! I loved this beach. There was something a little primative and clean about it. It wasn't too crowded and the girls had plenty of room to run around.

On the way home we stopped at a roadside stand and bought a few pounds of fresh shrimp and some purple hull peas. We went home and cooked them up and they were wonderful! It was a great supper. Steaks, shrimp, salad, peas, YUMMY! Afterward we played Phase 10 for a while. Katie LOVED that! Reese was worn out, so she wasn't very interested in playing, which was nice.

We didn't do much more running around that week in Beaufort, but we had a fabulous visit with Alyssa and Chris. I was so excited to see their new place, which was very nice! She was proud to be a new wife and to have such a great place. I sure miss her at home, but it's nice to see her happy and secure.