More travel advice

Thursday, June 4, 2009
I just thought of a couple more things that might be of use to some of my fellow road warriors, so I thought I would post them, too. Enjoy!

Suction Cup Hooks

I always take along several suction cup hooks when we go to any vacation location where water will be a part of our daily routine. They are small and light, therefore very easy to pack, and they can serve a multitude of purposes. We mostly use them to hang up wet swimsuits. If we have a patio at our hotel I put them on the sliding glass door so that the warm air can dry our swimsuits and coverups, but if not, the inside of the shower will do! It's so much better than hanging everything over the shower rod or trying to use the scrawny little clothsline in some hotel tubs. They're also great for hanging up a ribbon full of hairbows or anything else that is relatively light.

Trash Bags

Another thing that will come in handy on an extended trip is kitchen trash bags. The trash bags in hotel rooms are notoriously thin and small, and usually aren't up to handling the amount of trash the my family can produce in one day. (Think - dirty diapers, swim diapers, fast food bags and boxes, etc...) Just tucking a small roll of trash bags into your suitcse can keep things a little neater in already cramped quarters.

The "Food Suitcase"

If your kids are anything like mine, they will be starving at the most inconvenient of times. I take along a small suitcase full of stuff just to make my life easier. We pack in Easy Mac, instant oatmeal, a box or two of cereal, some canned fruit, a can openener, napkins, cheap plastic bowls and plates, disposable silverware and whatever other snacky type things my kids like to munch on. If there is a microwave in our room we're all set! If not, we request one, and most hotels are happy to help us out. Our food suitcase has helped us out a lot when it's just too hard to make it downstairs for a hotel breakfast that closes at 9am.