I'm gonna be supermom - like Amy!

Friday, January 25, 2008
Wow! Today is my first day of "supermomdom". The day started early (5:35am to be exact) when Mikel dropped off the kids for my first day of babysitting since Aiden was born in November. I will now be taking care of four kids ages 7 and under. Katie is 7, Avery will be three in April, Reese is 19 months old and Aiden is just over two months old. It's so funny to have FOUR carseats in the car! I feel just like my buddy, Amy, who has four boys ages 7 and under.

I am honestly a little nervous, but I think we'll do fine. We're already off to a great start. Avery was a little upset about being left behind this morning, but she was fine before her daddy got his car door closed. I don't blame her. She's been able to stay home with her mommy for the past eight weeks, so there is, of course, a little separation anxiety.

Isn't it amazing how quickly you forget just how small two month old babies are? Reese isn't even two, but it's hard to imagine her ever being so small! Aiden is new territory for our family. We've always had only girls! We started watching Avery a little over a year ago, and she just melted right into our family. She was between Katie and Reese in age, so it just all worked out perfectly. She's just like one of my own. I am sure it'll be the same way with Aiden, but he will certainly be the odd "man" out! I think David feels the same way sometimes.

Anyway! I will let you all know how the first day goes. We're off to a good start!

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  1. Amy said...:

    ohhh... a 2 month old!!! That would be so fun!!! Best of luck, but i got you beat... i have been keeping 2 boys from 730-530, with a 9-12 break for preschool, you still need 2 more...:-) (um, actually though, i owuldnt wish that on ANYONE!!!)

  1. Shannon C. said...:

    All I can say is that you MUST be completely insane now!!!