Christmas at Nana's

Friday, January 1, 2010
We celebrated a fabulous Christmas with Nana and Papaw on Christmas Eve. Jason, Allison, Caleb and Nathan were there to join us, too. The kids had such a gerat time, even though Nana and I ended up buying them the same thing! That was too funny! The good thing was that the kids then had enough Battle Strikers for everyone to play. I think that gift was the hit of the party!

Nathan gave Reese some great instructions on how to play. It's so sweet how patient both boys are with her!

As you can tell from the following video, Katie fixed (or should I say, didn't fix) her own hair for Christmas at Nana's. The kids all have their bare white legs showing because they managed to get in the pond and get all wet. All Nana had for them to wear was shorts and old clothes, so they looked like little orphans!

We had an incredible dinner and a whole day to just hang out and be a family. I love times like these!


  1. Dawn said...:

    I loved viewing your whole blog, but decided to leave my post on this post since I loved seeing my friend Jana again in pictures! Shannon, you are QUITE talented and soooooooo clever! I could read for hours, but of course have little time. I will come back and visit. See you the 3rd Tues of feb at Dr. T's.