Road Trip Day #25 - #26 of 26

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
So, we finally left paradise and had to head home. We decided to catch up with David's brother, Billy, and his wife, Carmen, when we passed through Atlanta. We met them at the Perimeter Mall and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and had a great visit while we ate. The girls thought their Aunt Carmen was unbelievably glamorous and that Uncle Billy was a jungle gym made for their climbing pleasure. We got some fun pictures of them while we were there.

We left Atlanta with David, Raleigh Jo, Reese, Katie and me, but lost one person in Birmingham, Alabama. We checked into our hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, the Sheraton Birmingham, and were amazed at how big the hotel was! We had a small but comfortable room, and were soon settled for the night. David had a very early flight the next morning, so we didn't want to keep him up too late. The fates were conspiring against him getting any sleep, though. We had been in bed about an hour when Katie made a run for the bathroom. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. She managed to vomit in the floor right before she got to the bathroom, so David and I spent the next thirty minutes holding her hair out of the toilet while she finished getting sick and cleaning up the mess. It was awful, but after we settled down again the rest of the night was uneventful. David got up early and left for the airport and the rest of us slept in. We slept so late that we barely made it down to breakfast on time, but the Sheraton employees were amazing. They were beginning to close the breakfast buffet, but they made sure we got everything we needed and were so polite and helpful! I would return to that hotel again just to receive that kind of service. Believe me, it's very rare. I wish I'd gotten the names of the women who served us. I'd love to write a letter to their manager praising their service.

Anyway, we trekked through the badlands of Alabama and even found a politically incorrect sign for Raleigh Jo to pose beside. I will post a picture of that as soon as I can find it! If the ants hadn't eaten her alive it would've been really funny!

We made it home pretty late on July 5th, but we did make it! All in all we had a wonderful road trip, and can't wait to do it again next summer!