Wow... Just WOW! God is good!

Monday, September 10, 2007
As I write this blog, I just sit here a little stunned. David and I have been going to church at Valley Baptist Church here in Searcy since we moved here in 2005. We joined the church last summer, and have tried to stay pretty active and attend faithfully. To tell you the truth, I have never felt more at home in church. Even the church I was raised in wasn't this special to me.

Well, back to the original subject... David and I come from very different spiritual backgrounds. I was born and raised Baptist, and have never really known or truly believed anything else. I accepted Christ at church camp and was scripturally baptized when I was twelve. David was not really raised in church, but when they did attend they went to a Methodist church. David was baptized as a child in the Methodist church, and then converted to Catholicism in his early thirties.

We went to church on September 9th just like we would on any other Sunday. Our pastor, Brother James Hays, did a service about scriptural baptism (complete immersion in water) and how it shows obedience to the commands of God. He also made a statement that really touched both David and me. He stated that disobeying the command of God to be baptized was just a wall creating a separation between us and God. He said that disobeying God about baptism "stunted" our Christian growth. Neither of us had ever thought of it like that... (Now, to clarify, we don't believe that baptism is essential for salvation, but is an act of obedience.)

ANYWAY! I'm off of my main topic again! What I've been trying to say is that David was baptized last night! Isn't that exciting! I was so proud of him! We have had so many discussions about his being our "spiritual head-of-household", and I feel like this is a step in the right direction! I have always dreamed of being married to a man who would attend church with me and try to raise our children the right way. Little did I know, I had him all along! I think being at Valley has really opened both of our hearts in a way that wasn't possible at other churches we've attended. I just thank God for this!

Of course, since our family was involved in this, there had to be some humor... The reason the second picture is so fuzzy is because just as Brother James was lifting David out of the water Katie started jumping around and screaming... I didn't know what was going on! She hit my elbow just as David came out of the water, hence the fuzzy picture. The lighting was pretty bad in both photos, but the second one was REALLY bad! OH! The reason that Katie was jumping around and yelling was because she saw a bug on the floor by her feet. Go figure! Everyone got a good chuckle out of that!