Have you ever felt like the worst Mom in the world?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
This past weekend was full of fun! The girls and I made a roadtrip to Springdale to see Grandma & Grandpa Smith and some of our friends. It was great!

The weekend would have been perfect if one little event hadn't happened... While we were over at Grandma Smith's house Katie and Reese went outside to play in the yard. It's great because they live out in the country and the girls have plenty of room to run. In addition to all that running, they also have some perfect places to FALL! Reese was sitting as pretty as you please on the second step of the back porch. I was standing at the door watching her! Well, she leaned over to do something with her shoestring and BAM!!! She landed face first on the concrete! She not only caught the first step with her nose, she also managed to make contact with the sidewalk. Her forehead took most of that damage. Here are a few pictures that were taken two or three days after she fell:

I just felt awful! When my girlfriends and I went to dinner that night and shopping the next day I'll bet fifteen people stopped and asked what happened to Reese! She's feeling a lot better now, but I still feel bad!


  1. Amy said...:

    LOOK AT HER CURLS!!! (and her face looks like that hurt:-( ) She is sooo beautiful!