Diary of a frazzled housewife...

Friday, February 9, 2007
Oh my goodness... I just looked up and it it already 1pm! I got up at 6:30 this morning, and hit the ground running (OK, maybe I was crawling...), and now it seems like it should be about 10am.

I managed to do the following things this morning:

  • Drop Katie off at school,

  • go to the grocery store,

  • straighten up the house,

  • change the baby three times,

  • wash, fold and put away three loads of laundry,

  • play two rounds of Super Collapse on the computer,

  • scrub the toilets,

  • take a bath

  • and make all the beds.

In my mind I should be able to do all of that in about two hours, but obviously I have overestimated my talent for speed!

Did I mention my inlaws are coming into town today? Having company almost always inspires a certain anticipation and a little panic in my mind. I love having folks here, but I am always afraid that my house will be a wreck (which it usually is), my kids will act up (which they ALWAYS do) and my face will break out (that's just a given...).
I still haven't managed to fix my hair, make dinner reservations for Saturday night, put on makeup or decent clothing, and decide about dinner for tonight. At least the baby is wearing cute clothes. Gotta keep the grandparents happy! They're not looking at me anyway if the kids are in the room!
Here's to a great weekend! It should be fun if I can get my act together...