2010 Cooan Family Holiday Catalog

Friday, December 10, 2010
Our Christmas letter:

Merry Christmas!

The 2010 Cooan Holiday Gift Catalog

Thank you for requesting this year’s Cooan Holiday Gift Catalog. Even though the economy is said to be declining, we have added to the product line in our catalog this year. Along with our regular best-selling items, please take note of the Jumping Jackaroo listed below. He is a wonderful addition to our lineup, and a definite favorite with the kids!

As always, remember to order by December 24, 2010, to ensure an on-time Christmas arrival!

Jumping Jackaroo - 4 Month Old Version: This little guy was in a big hurry to get to our warehouse and arrived a full month before schedule, on August 23rd! We should have had to pay extra shipping charges because he weighed so much! Over eight pounds! After a week of repairs due to breathing problems he was released for distribution and ready to go! He is currently approaching double his original weight and is a very well behaved addition to our lineup. We are still working out the kinks in his sleep mode, but hope to have him sleeping all night soon. Our Jackaroo comes with a full diaper bag, lots of smiles and a very tired mommy. He is sure to bring happiness to whomever he sees!

Rowdy Rambunctious Reese - 4.5 Year Old Version: She’s wild, she’s loud, but she’s also really cute! This year’s version of the Triple R comes with a pre-packed suitcase that’s always ready to go to Nana’s house and a wide toothed comb for getting the tangles out of “that beautiful hair”. Reese has a full repertoire of words and sentences, but two out of three times she will say, “Right? Right? Right?” She will continue to repeat herself until you answer her. Every. Single. Time… Optional accessory kit includes a Wii remote for hours of gaming fun and a nice, comfy carseat for those long road trips. She is a great little traveler, and loves to stay in hotels, A.K.A. “Daddy’s house”.

Kitschy Krazy Katie - 10 Year Old Version: There’s always something going on with this active little figure! Since her gymnastics obsession is so “last year”, this year’s model of K-K-Katie will come with new running shoes and a stop watch. She is the perfect companion for your next 5K run, and will keep you on track with your exercise program! Katie also enjoys taking care of Jumping Jackaroo. Just turn her loose, she is such a great little mama! This version comes with mostly A’s in the 4th grade, but struggles a little bit with social studies. She reads very well, and especially enjoys the Harry Potter books. This year’s package includes a totally funky wardrobe and a few questionable fashion choices.

Mama Shannon Traveling Machine: Whether you want a short weekend trip or a three month long getaway, Mama Shannon is the gadget for you! She comes pre-loaded with lots of information about a 50+ day long summer road trip that included visits to 17 of the United States and 2 Canadian provinces. All legs of the trip were driven with both Katie and Reese in the car, and while very pregnant! She especially loves seeing brand new places, and is already starting to download tons of information for Super Road Trip 2011. Mama Shannon is also training to run a 5K in March 2011 along with her sister, Alyssa, and Katie. We still have not been able to repair the housekeeping feature on this model, and believe that constant interaction with Jackaroo may be affecting her greatly. The house is still mostly unkempt and the laundry remains constantly piled up, but the baby is happy! Find out more about what she does at her blog, www.magazineprincess.blogspot.com, and make sure to leave a comment or two so she’ll know you’ve been there!

Daddy David United States Atlas: If you would like to have a better knowledge of airports, rental cars and hotels, look no further! The Daddy David United States Atlas will be your most handy tool! Our atlas has all kinds of knowledge about several areas of the US, particularly upstate New York. He can also navigate the Atlanta, Detroit, Albany or Little Rock airports with his eyes closed. We will be expanding our DDUSA to include Erie, Pennsylvania, sometime in early 2011, and who knows where else he may go! You can always count on DDUSA for trustworthy information about airport security, hotel breakfasts and long nights working on the computer. His work ethic is impeccable, and he is a truly hardworking man. He is newly versed in Skype, and manages to talk to Katie, Reese, Jack and Shannon several times per week via video. It’s so nice to actually see his face, and not just hear his voice.

Contact Information: Orders may be sent by snail mail, email or phone. If you are ever nearby, be sure to visit our outlet store!