Halloween fun!

Saturday, October 31, 2009
For Halloween this year we just had a small trick-or-treating party! Several of our friends joined us and we made the circuit of our neighboorhood together. It was great fun, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Katie went as a 50's girl.

Reese went as a green & blue spotted monster.

Both of my girls seemed to have a great time getting ready to leave to go trick-or-treating with all of their friends.

Serena brought Avery and Aiden over to play with us that night. Avery made a beautiful Snow White...

and Aiden was a FABULOUS little dwarf!

Miss Emma Bear was a great pirate, too!

Katie, Maddie and Brooke all posed for a picture in front of some of our neighbors' yard decorations.

Reese loved trick or treating this year!

The kids couldn't get to the doors of the houses fast enough!

Brook and Maddie were acting crazy!

Reese found a new way to carry her bucket.

Maddie had a ball pretending to be "in the chalk lines".

The rest of the kids got a picture with the neighbors' setup.

This is a picture of all our munchkins gathered in my living room.

We had such a good time hanging out with everyone! Halloween is always more fun when you can share it with good friends!