Saturday, January 17, 2009
My baby sister, Alyssa, is engaged to Chris Pack. About a week ago, Chris' dad, Eric, called me and we set up a surprise visit from Chris. He left Camp Lejeune at 7:50pm EST and arrived here at 11:35pm CST. Mom, Allison, Anna and I planned a big "girl's night" to get Alyssa to Little Rock so that we could pick Chris up at the airport. We went to dinner and rode all over Little Rock to burn time until his plane arrived. About 11:30pm I got the call that he was on the ground. (Alyssa thought David was calling me to tell me his truck wouldn't start.) We went to the airport and managed to get Alyssa in by complaining about being old and having to pee all the time. Ha! She made fun of us, but in the end, the joke, and the surprise, was on her!