Chicago... Part 2... Ed Debevic's

Friday, October 26, 2007
OK, a little more about our trip to the Windy City. We went to lunch at Ed Debevic's the day we arrived, and let me tell you, it was a hoot! Ed's is a family oriented burger place, where you can eat good burgers, just like in 1000's of restaurants in the US. But Ed's is unique, to say the least: their waiters are rude, and people like it! In fact, that's why people go there, to have waiters throwing menus and straws at them and patronise them. Ed's rules are straightforward: "If you like what you're eatin', order more. If you don't ­ there's the Door." and "Eat and get out".

When we first walked in we got the "wadda you want" service. Katie wasn't too sure about the place at all. Our waiter, Biscuits, started out by saying, "Table for two weird women and one baby". Boy, that really got Katie riled up! Biscuits picked on her throughout the whole meal. She kept telling him (and everyone else) it was her birthday, but got her feelings hurt when one of the waiters walked by and yelled "SO WHAT! NOBODY CARES!". She actually hid under the table and cried a little over that one. I felt a little sorry for her, but they eventually made it up to her.

Right before we got finished with lunch Biscuits came back to our table to sing happy birthday to Katie. He yelled at everyone in the restaurant and sang "Happy birthday, little bay-bee" (which really made Katie mad!) and gave her one of Ed's famous 'world's smallest sundaes'. It was basically a fudge sundae in a shot glass sized bowl, but she loved it! I think I ended up eating most of the ice cream, but Katie liked the attention, anyway. After lunch we caught the bus back to Michigan Avenue and went to our hotel to get ready for our big night at the theatre.


  1. Amy said...:

    i wanna go there.... can you be rude back? there are days i need that;-)

  1. Shannon C. said...:

    They actually love it when you're rude right back. It gives them something to work with! Ha!