My baby girl is a whole year old!

Thursday, June 21, 2007
You know, it's just amazing how quickly they grow. I simply cannot believe that it has been a full year, 365 days ago to the minute, that Reese was born. WOW! It seems just like yesterday she was just a little baby blob that didn't do anything except eat, poop and cry.


Now she's such a big girl! She can crawl, walk, smile, play pat-a-cake and scream amazing baby cuss words at you when she's mad. She can eat by herself, and won't allow anyone to feed her. She's a BIG GIRL now!

I am just grateful that, when she's tired, she will let me hold her and cuddle her. She still gives her kisses freely and giggles when you tickle her under her chin. She still has little dimples on the backs of her hands instead of big kid knuckles, and her skin is still just baby soft.

She no longer calls me Mama. Everybody (except Nana) is Dada. For some reason she calls Nana by her name. The only time I hear "mama" is when she's not ready to go to bed and is standing in the crib wailing "maaaa-maaaa!" What a guilt trip!

I am just so grateful that she is happy and healthy. She loves her big sister and she hates to be restrained. She is talkative, even though you can't understand a word she's saying. She has the cutest dimples in her cheeks, both the ones on her face and the ones on her bottom! She loves the water, and tries to get in our little wading pool everytime we're out in the yard. She is a voracious eater, and hasn't found much of anything that she won't eat. She is one of the biggest treasures in my life. She is my baby girl. She is Alyssa Reese.